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Code Signing and You
by Mike Ash  

I just posted a long treatise on code signing over at my place of employment. I'm posting this for the few people who read my blog but not that one. Link after the fold because my RSS feed generator sucks.

Code Signing and You at Under the Microscope

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Ah! I wasn't subscribing to that feed. Am now. Thanks. :)
For starters, your way of making sure I'm not a machine is as efficient (if not more) than those distorted words that pisses everybody off, I bet, and I did't feel bothered...

Do you know this trick?
My e-mail ion@ionmuniz.mus.br


Respecting the user, like a nice Apple developer.
About the "anonimous" thing on source codes, the word says all.
It never dawned on me that the programmer might be a sick man whose hobby is mess with our computers.

This site ain't bad, I'll be around.

What airfoil your glider uses? Clark?
I had a software for wing design called stuntrib.
U controln airfoils are symmetric and usually NACA, but a cat called Ted Fancher made a helluva stubt ship that has an insane airfoil.

My Website trouble was not the server's fault. I didn't pay the 20 bucks fee for my domain (once a year) and the buggers froze me, without even asking for the dough first...

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