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Worst. Keynote. Ever.
by Mike Ash  

That is all.

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From the standpoint of Mac OS announcements, I agree. I would have liked to know more about Snow Leopard. That said, I can't wait for my Sprint contract to expire. I must have an iPhone. There were too many application demos, but the iPhone 3G part was great. I'm basing this on the Engadget feed since I'm unfortunately stuck in Ohio.
Really? It can at worst tie with the "Look at all the Top Secret New Features Leopard ha....d last year! Oh, and one more thing, Web is the iPhone SDK." letdown.
I'm going to have to agree with n[ate]vw. It was bad, but at least we weren't insulted at the end.
Agree with Casey & Nate. This was demo hell year, but it was merely a bit annoying. I left the session a bit uninspired but happy. Last year was horrible - I left frustrated and angry.
From my perspective, I couldn't possibly care any less about iPhone stuff from a developer point of view, and this keynote had nothing whatsoever about the platform which is the whole reason I'm even here. Thus the title of my post.

Coulndn't agree more. The Apple world does seem to revolve about the iphone these days though. Shame, I was looking forward to *something* about the Mac :(

Just to follow up on this, although I can't say anything specific, I want to say that the rest of WWDC has so far been absolutely wonderful on the Mac side.

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