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Advanced Swift Workshop in New York City
by Mike Ash  

I will be holding another one-day workshop on advanced Swift programming in New York City on May 4th. This will be much the same as my previous one in Washington in December, in a new location and with various tweaks and improvements. If you enjoy my articles and want to sharpen your Swift skills, check it out.

I'll discuss the ins and outs of ARC and memory management, reference cycles, enums, generics, designing code to take advantage of enums and generics, pointer APIs, and interfacing with C APIs. Attendees will receive a bunch of Xcode playgrounds that illustrate everything we discuss, as well as the presentation slides.

The format will be part lecture, part exercises using the playgrounds, with plenty of opportunity for discussions and personalized help.

For more information, or to buy tickets, visit the event page. If you know anyone who might like to come, please pass the word!

Another book update, since my last workshop post included one: I've completed my final read-through and am in the middle of fixing the problems that uncovered. Then it'll be ready to go! I don't have a date for it, but it's getting close.

Did you enjoy this article? I'm selling whole books full of them! Volumes II and III are now out! They're available as ePub, PDF, print, and on iBooks and Kindle. Click here for more information.


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