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Advanced Swift Workshop in Washington, DC
by Mike Ash  

I will be holding a one-day workshop on advanced Swift programming in the Washington, DC area on December 12th. If you enjoy my articles and want to sharpen your Swift skills, check it out.

I'm going to be discussing the ins and outs of ARC and memory management, reference cycles, enums, generics, designing code to take advantage of enums and generics, pointer APIs, and interfacing with C APIs. I have been building out a set of nifty Xcode playgrounds to illustrate everything, and attendees will receive a copy of them, as well as the presentation slides.

The format will be part lecture, part exercises using the playgrounds, with plenty of opportunity for discussions and personalized help.

If you think you might like to come, take a look at the event on Eventbrite. And if you know others who might like to come, please tell them about it!

In unrelated news, since I'm sure some of you are wondering, Volume II of my book is coming along slowly but surely, and I hope to get it out the door and get back to writing articles before too much longer. Stay tuned!

Did you enjoy this article? I'm selling a whole book full of them. It's available for iBooks and Kindle, plus a direct download in PDF and ePub format. It's also available in paper for the old-fashioned. Click here for more information.


Michael M. Mayer at 2016-11-13 21:22:20:
Mike - I would sign up in a heartbeat. $200 is a no-brainer, $400 is a gut-check, but looking at the pointer and C interface topics, I would still do it. $800 just puts it out of my league. I wish you much success with it, but sorry. I would really like to be there. Regards.

Dat Nguyen at 2016-11-14 06:34:12:
Mike, thanks for the update about Volume II ;)
I'm ready to dive into iOS and OXS with your book !

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