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Complete Friday Q&A Direct-Sell ePub, PDF, and Print on Demand
by Mike Ash  

Following last week's of The Complete Friday Q&A: Volume I, I had requests for additional formats. Some asked for PDF, some asked for paper, and some asked for ePub that could be bought without the geographical restrictions of iBooks. I am happy to report that these are all available.

International-friendly sales of the book in ePub and PDF format are now available through FastSpring. One purchase gets you both formats, DRM-free.

Print-on-demand is available from Lulu. The price is slightly higher to help cover printing costs.

Thanks again for everyone's support. The response has been tremendously heartening to watch. I'll be back on my regular schedule next week, so check back then.

(If anyone purchased through Amazon or iBooks and you feel like you got a raw deal missing out on the PDF, e-mail me and I'll hook you up. Tell me what the last word in the book is as a shibboleth.)

Did you enjoy this article? I'm selling whole books full of them! Volumes II and III are now out! They're available as ePub, PDF, print, and on iBooks and Kindle. Click here for more information.


Could we have a small sample or screenshot for the book? Sure, we know the content already, but I'd love to know how it *looks* like as a PDF/ePUB.
Good point. I need to put together a separate page on this site for the book and I'll see about making samples available as well.

In the meantime, both iBooks and Amazon offer free samples so you can at least check those out.
Dear Mike,

We would like to publish your book in Russian language. What do you think about it?
Symbol-Plus Publishing is one of the leading Russian publishing company specializing in IT-technologies books. Our company was founded in 1995 in Saint-Petersburg (Russia).
We are translating titles by O'Reilly, Pearson (Addison-Wesley, New Riders, Prentice Hall, Peachpit Press, Sams, Adobe Press, Cisco, FT Press), Wiley, Apress, Manning, No Starch Press, Elsevier, Packt, McGraw-Hill, Dorset House, and the number of our partners grows from year to year.
In 1996, just 10 months after Amazon.com, we opened the first Russian on-line bookstore – Books.Ru (www.books.ru), that is now one of the biggest on-line stores in Russia. Books.Ru sells most of the books published in Russian, though it helps us to promote and sell our own titles as well.
We are translating the titles on programming (Python, Perl, Ruby, SQL, UML, Java, JavaScript, PHP, C++, C#, ActionScript and others), operating systems (Mac OS X, UNIX, Linux, Windows, FreeBSD), databases (Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL), various frameworks, and also world bestsellers, similar to the book of the Fr. Brooks "The Mythical Man-Month".
You can find the full list of our titles at publishing house site www.symbol.ru
That is really cool. I would love to hear more about how your business works and what you propose. Please feel free to e-mail me directly at mike@mikeash.com so we can talk it over.

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